Modified SA640 – Soldering Enclosure for Static Sensitive Devices (SSD)

The Challenge

Solotec was approached by an International Electronics Manufacturer to ascertain if there was a product in our range suitable for Micro Soldering SMD (Surface Mount Devices) components. The criteria stipulated that it must be able to contain, and easily use, a microscope and offer particulate and fume filtration for Rosin based solder work and fluxes.

We made a few enquiries as to the type of microscope and working environment and developed an enclosure to meet their requirements.

The Research

Having studied the dimensions of the microscope, it was found to be a good fit for our Waysafe®SA640 and, with a little modification to the front to allow easy access for soldering work, we would use this as the basis of our proposal. Its compact benchtop design and variable speed airflow were ideally suited to this type of work.

We next looked at filtration, Rosin (also known as Colophony) is classed as hazardous to health by inhalation (possibly causing asthma) by the HSE, and the chemical formulation would require an upgrade to the standard HEPA H14 filter supplied with the cabinet, to a Combined HEPA/Carbon filter, which has the additional protection of nuisance Carbon layer for VOC’s and is still able to use the re-circulating nature of the cabinet without the need for local exhaust ventilation (LEV).

There was also the consideration of skin contact (possibly causing dermatitis related diseases). However, due to the delicate nature of the procedure, it was decided this issue would be covered with local PPE where necessary rather than a glove box enclosure.

The next step to look at was Static Electricity and the removal of it. One of our main components in the cabinets is Clear Acrylic (Perspex) which makes up the sides, top and front of the unit. Unfortunately acrylic can produce some static electricity in the right circumstances but with a little research we found a company called SciCron Technologies who manufacture C-300 coating. This is a static dissipative coating which can be applied to acrylic and still be laser cut which fitted perfectly into our production system. We also added an earth stud to the frame which was cross bonded to the fitted base and the cabinets electrical earthing circuit, and it was also supplied with an additional earth lead which can be attached directly to the buildings grounding circuit. 

The Solotec Solution

We developed a modified Waysafe SA640®, shown below with microscope in place and altered hand access to enable a better working posture.   This has combined HEPA/Carbon filtration with variable speed airflow, is a re-circulating cabinet with no additional ducting required. It was ready to use straight out of the box, no installation required. (Subject to DOP testing requirements)

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