Waysafe® 110 to BH550 upgrade

Initial Price £671.25

We have improved basic balance hood offering. SOL314 and SOL315 filters have been retired. Our all new 1 piece ‘200 series’ housing and range of filters has been designed as an easy upgrade and offers improved E10 EPA or H13 HEPA filtration, all individually tested to EN1822-4.

Upgrade is easy, we have 2 options and details can be found below if you have any questions please contact us to discuss.

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Q. When should I change my filters?

A. We don’t give recommendations because no two applications/environments are the same. We do know that the new ‘200 series’ E10 filter has around 2.5 times the capacity (filter media area) when compared to a set of the old SOL314 units so should last 20% longer.

Q. Why have we dropped the old filters?

A. SOL314 and SOL315 filters were originally face mask filters that we adapted to fit into our panels over 20 years ago. Face mask manufacturers constantly change and evolve their products to suit their market, so, when they move on, we simply cannot obtain these obsolete filters. We have developed our own purpose made ‘200 series’ filters, so supply issues will now be a thing of the past.

Q. What filter grade do I need?

A. We now have two filter options. The new standard ‘200 series’ E10 grade EPA particle filter replaces the old ‘P2’ grade SOL314 and an improved performance ‘200 series’ H13 HEPA filter is also available.

Q. I need a different airflow?

A. Balance Hoods generally need low airflow that won’t disturb sensitive equipment but does offer some protection to operators. We aim for around 20m3/h when we factory set. The new 200 series filter uses a simple applied vinyl mask inside the manifold that enables us to tune airflow to suit different filter types and applications. We can supply modified masks if your application requires different flow levels. Contact us for more details.

We are marketing our ‘Waysafe® 110’ replacement as the new ‘BH550 Balance Hood’. The only difference is the filter and filter mounting, upgrade is simple and we hope that these options make upgrading as painless as possible for users.

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Upgrade Options:
Option 1- 25% off, trade in deal

Trade in the old Waysafe® 110 unit and get 25% off the list price of a full new ‘BH550 Balance Hood’. With our more efficient production methods, we have also been able to reduce the full retail cost of a new unit, which makes this an even more attractive offier.   All new units come complete with a filter. User cleans and sends the three grey filter locking rings from the old unit as proof of disposal to qualify for this deal.
25% off the list price on full unit 

Option 2 – Complete motor and backpanel exchange

If your cabinet is less than 10 years old it may be possible to buy a complete white backboard, with 200 series filter housing and new 230VAC motor and motor cover which simply clips into your existing unit. A check will be required to ensure your cabinet is suitable for this option.

£390.00 (includes E10 or H13 filter)

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