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  • Waysafe Bespoke Design
  • Waysafe Bespoke Design
  • Waysafe Bespoke Design
  • Waysafe Bespoke Design

Our materials palette along with off-the-shelf filters, frames and motors in two simple sizes is a fabulous starting point for made to measure hoods, cabinets and enclosures.  Design and development is quick too so your idea could be a reality faster than you think.

  • Negative pressure units to protect operators from the contents of the cabinet.
  • Positive pressure hoods (clean filtered air delivered inside the hood to protect the internal process)
  • Passive (no fan or filter) hoods for mechanical safety or simple dust protection
  • 1 off production or batch build hoods for Laboratories, production or display
  • Filters for dust, odours or both in grades to suit most applications
  • Fans and controls in mains AC or low voltage DC
  • Glazing in Perspex or toughened glass
  • Sliding, hinged or lift off access doors
  • Internal lighting with our low voltage ‘TL’ series LED panels
  • Framed aluminium or frameless ‘folded Perspex’ designs
  • Fully welded stainless steel or powder coated mild steel frames and table bases
  • Tailored operator, cable or equipment access holes
  • 3rd party and free issue equipment installation
  • Global distribution on all products
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