Base Options

Moulded white ‘spill tray’ base

Waysafe SA640 Moulded Base

Vacuum formed white plastic base that the enclosure sits inside. Can easily be removed or the unit lifted off for maintenance

Stainless steel ‘spill tray’

Stainless Steel Drip Tray

Stainless steel ‘spill tray’ (mirror finish). Easy clean and very hard-wearing, can be easily removed or the unit lifted off for maintenance.

Hard-wearing composite base

Waysafe Red Base Option

Hard-wearing composite base panel. Choose a colour that your materials will stand out on if they get spilt or if you need to identify a cabinet for a different operation. Simple and hard-wearing aluminium laminate with high gloss (can be matt for units with internal lighting) polyester coating.

(Available in Blue, White and Red)

Fans and Controls

Variable speed fan control

Allows users to target specific face velocity and compensate when filter flow starts to drop. Lower fan speeds mean quieter and more efficient running too! We fit a speed control knob next to the on/off switch on the rear of the unit.

AFA 500

Waysafe Airflow Monitor Option

AirFlow Monitor with audible alarm and LED indication. Our entry level electronic airflow monitor is designed for applications where airflow velocity indication is not required. Available with either a built in or remote unique airflow sensor that is used to measure face velocities. Can be front, side or back panel mounted

AFA 1000

Full flow monitoring and automatic fan speed control. Users set a flow rate and our automatic controller does the rest. An alarm warns operators when its time to change filters and because the airflow is regulated it is quieter and more efficient too. Ask us about combining this with operator sensors and lighting controls too.

Optional Extras

LED cabinet Toplight

LED Toplight SA640

12VDC 16W LED toplight(available for most enclosures) . Low voltage high efficiency sits neatly on top of the cabinet and illuminates the inside. Great for intricate tasks. Comes with power supply (120-230VAC) and built-in power switch.

Hours run meter

Simple but effective. Rolling analogue counter keeps track of how many hours the unit has run. Great for monitoring and planning filter life. We fit the counter into the rear motor cover adjacent to the on/off switch.

Vaneometer [Analouge]

Specifically designed to simplify the measurement of low air velocities. It is accurate to ±5% of full-scale to 100 FPM and ±10% from 100 FPM to the top of scale. It has a spirit level to ensure accurate readings and the large scales are easy to read and visible from both sides

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