Dwyer Vaneometer added to the Waysafe® range of accessories

As part of our on-going development of optional accessories for our cabinets, we are pleased to now be able to offer the Dwyer Instruments swing vane anemometer. A simple device, it allows a flow of air through the unit over calibrated vane, which provides an instantly visible and clear indication of the current airflow.

Previously it had been difficult to find a suitable mount for the vaneometer within our enclosures, but with the addition of our new 3D printer, the outstanding Ultimaker S5, we have been able to design and manufacture a simple way of attachment to our cabinets by use of a bespoke mounting bracket.

3D printed bracket in situ

The bracket simply fixes to an external panel, which can be one of the clear acrylic sides with 4 simple fixing holes and then all that is required is the necessary aperture to be cut out to allow the airflow through the Vanemometer, once fitted to the bracket. At the factory this process would be performed on our in-house CNC machine, however it would be possible for this to be retro-fitted to existing units, with some simple tools.

Vaneometer fitted to bracket

Once fitted, the device can be fitted externally (as shown) or internally depending on the fixing bracket orientation. It requires no power and very little maintenance. Calibration of the readout can be verified against a certified anemometer to ensure accuracy.

As standard we will be supplying the 480M version of the Vaneometer which is the metric version in m/s, unless otherwise requested, and as you can see on the picture above, the display of the 480M has the optimum face velocity of 0.5 m/s (HSG248) almost central in the readout, to make it quick and easy to establish a safe working face velocity.

The team at Waysafe are always available to discuss your specific requirements and are committed to providing the best in bench-top safety enclosures.

If you would like to find out more about our range of safety enclosures, please email us directly, sales@solotec.co.uk or via the contact page, alternatively you can call us on 0161 339 6187.