Soil Sample Drying Cabinet with Oven. Bespoke

When a regular customer aproached us recently looking for a safe environment where they could prepare and dry soil samples ready for asbestos analysis we were happy to help.
Based on our large format GP1600 media cabinet we added 100mm to the depth, fitted a large format 600 series fan and HEPA filter (offset to make space for the free issue drying oven) and developed a sliding pleated front that allows full width access whilst minimising the open area to save energy and maintain face velocity. The unit pictured here also includes a digital airflow monitor and controller that adjusts fan speed to maintain airflow and includes an audible alarm if things go wrong. We also added a nifty set of electric legs that allow height adjustment for sit/stand or operator size and include 4 memory positions.
Another good day in the Waysafe bespoke department!Sample drying cabinet. Waysafe Bespoke