Bespoke Soil Sample Drying Cabinet for Asbestos Testing

Do you need to protect your operators when drying soil containing asbestos?

Why not use a Waysafe bespoke cabinet

Here at Solotec we have just completed the process of temperature testing our latest Waysafe Bespoke Soil Sample Drying Cabinet for Asbestos Testing.

Designed and built in house by Solotec Scientific, the unit’s purpose is to accommodate a sample drying oven and to also have enough room for the operator to prepare samples ready for Asbestos Testing. Our large 600 series filter and variable fan system enables the operator to maintain a 0.5m/s airflow at the apertures for safe operation and protection.

Due to the nature of the soils and the odours they can emit our normal air re-cycling system wasn’t suitable for our customer so we designed a sealed extraction system which can be ducted outside. We worked with our customer to ascertain their exact requirements and designed the fume enclosure with these specifications in mind.

Waysafe Soil Drying Cabinet

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