High Flow Benchtop Asbestos Cabinet – Twin Fan

High Flow Large Format Asbestos Cabinet

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When the British Geological Survey approached us with regard to supply of a large cabinet for sorting and photographing samples with possible asbestos contamination, we saw it as an opportunity to try something that previously had only been an idea on paper. Putting our design skills (and manufacturing speed) to the test we came up with a High Flow Large Format Asbestos Cabinet incorporating Twin Fans:

Our standard GP1200 range of cabinets will happily run all day with twin fans and filters but will only achieve a 0.3m/s (approx) face velocity due to the restriction on the size of the filters.  The filter media is compressed in a fan pattern inside the filter housing which increases the media area, but not enough for what we wanted. We decided to combine 2 fans with one speed controller and utilise our new 600 series filter (600 x 450mm) which possesses a larger media surface area, this is turn would reduce the pressure on the fans.  The results are fantastic.

High Flow Large Format Asbestos Cabinet

GP1200 cabinet with Dual Fan airflow for HEPA filtration

High Flow Large Format Asbestos Cabinet


Not only did we achieve the minimum requirement of 0.5 m/s face velocity (for asbestos sample protection), we surpassed it to give  a final reading of 0.7 m/s.  This coupled with variable speed control makes for a very functional large format cabinet.  With the inclusion of side opening doors and a lift off front, the interior of the unit is easily accessible for a wide range of operations. Interestingly, two fans running at a slow speed is quieter than one fast one running fast (by nearly 10db) so the panel is nicer to work in too.

The client wanted this individually designed cabinet within a very tight timescale.  We managed to pull out all the stops – the unit was designed, built and delivered all within a 2 week deadline.

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