Natural History Museum Bespoke Installation

Solotec Scientific was approached in 2019 by a Natural History Museum with regard to our SA1000 Sample Analysis and Preparation Enclosure, details such as the size of the cabinet and its internal dimensions were their main areas of interest.

During discussions with the client, we were advised that they have a very large collection of Entomological cabinets containing approximately 1,000,000 specimens. Within each cabinet there are multiple drawers all of the same size.  The dimensions of the drawers mean that they would just fit inside a standard SA1000 enclosure.

The Challenge

Some of the existing drawer sets are over 150 years old.  Originally, to prevent other insects from eating the specimens, they were mounted in drawers which were lined with Naphthalene – the main component in old fashioned mothballs and other pest control products.

Due to its toxic nature, it is now a regulated product and can no longer be used for this purpose.

The Museum has therefore commenced a project to transfer all the old stock from the naphthalene lined Entomological drawers into brand new clean drawers which will then be stored in a modern environmentally controlled and ‘insect safe’ vault.

This is a very lengthy process as each specimen has to be individually moved and relabelled by hand in an environment that ensures that members of staff are protected from the toxic nature of the chemical. 

The Solution

September 2019 saw Solotec Scientific install 3 x SA1000 units, each unit was fitted with an Activated Carbon filtration system designed to specifically filter out the nuisance vapours created by naphthalene.  Also, to assist with the detailed work being carried out during the transfer process, they were each fitted with TL1000 LED top lights.

Following the Museum’s success in obtaining additional funding in 2020 an additional 3 units of the same specification were installed by Solotec Scientific to speed up the transfer process.

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