Custom Made large format balance enclosure, 640mm (w) x 690mm (d) x 500mm (h). H14 filtration, Low flow alarm, lift off front. Unique ‘white’ frame style.

During our recent research and development phase we looked into producing a larger balance enclosure to cope with the new and latest designs of microbalances. These newer units tend to have seperate keypads from the balance and often, automatically opening draught shields which require more space internally than our standard GP540. Whilst investigating this route we also looked at the possibility of providing coloured frame, rather than the standard aluminium finish which resulted in this unit being finished in a durable white epoxy powdercoat finish.

Dimensions – 640mm (w) x 690mm (d) x 500mm (h) with lift off front (if the exisitng front apertures are not suitable, an alternative can be provided to your requirements)

Filtrations – H14 as standard (other options available, Carbon or combined etc.)

Fan – our standard 300 series fan and filter unit, to give a variable speed face velocity of between 0.3 and 0.7m/s

Alarm – AFA500 low flow alarm (user configurable)

Warranty – The unit is fully tested and comes with full standard Waysafe® warranty.

Price – £1150+vat inc delivery (usual retail price £1500+vat)

The units is complete, ready to run out of the box and is available on a 2/3 day turnaround

The team at Waysafe is always available to discuss your specific requirements and is committed to providing the best in bench-top safety enclosures.

If you would like to find out more about our range of safety enclosures, contact a member of the team on 0161 339 6187 or email sales@waysafe.co.uk