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Waysafe: a 3D printing solutions provider

Waysafe has been designing and manufacturing benchtop safety enclosures from our premises in the UK since 1991. Over the past three decades, Waysafe has continuously invested in technology and updated our practices in order to provide our customers with the very best safety cabinets. As part of this investment, Waysafe purchased a 3D printer.

Sam Bowden, Production Manager at Waysafe commented: “3D printing for us started out of curiosity; at the time we didn’t have a need for it as such so we started with a very basic hobbyist printer. It wasn’t until we were able to see its capabilities in person that we realised the potential it has for us.”
A 3D printer is an extraordinarily helpful tool for prototyping components, providing parts much more quickly and at a lower cost when compared to those created using more traditional methods such as moulds and jigs. After the purchase of the initial 3D printer, Waysafe soon saw the benefit of the equipment when generating prototypes and invested in a higher quality, more robust, printer, allowing them to create parts suitable to be used in end use products.
Waysafe now incorporates our 3D printed and designed components in the SE series of benchtop safety enclosures, which form the basis of the open and close of the lid; 3D printed components are also being utilised in products such as the LED Toplight panels, as well as in bespoke and customised enclosures. This technology has allowed Waysafe to design and produce components that perfectly fit each enclosure.
Sam further states that “3D printing has opened up a window of opportunity for us and what is possible. We now turn to 3D printing and more specifically 3D design as a first port of call for simulating scenarios when designing our products, this enables us to see exactly how the idea will play out on screen before needing to fabricate anything. We will certainly be utilising it more as the need for bespoke solutions continues. If you can think it, we can make it!”

About Solotec Scientific
The Waysafe range of safety enclosures is manufactured by Solotec Scientific delivering high-quality laboratory safety equipment to customers both within the UK and internationally. Solotec Scientific has been designing and manufacturing bench top safety enclosures since 1991, offering a wide range of products from its facilities in Greater Manchester.
Waysafe products are made to order in the UK by a team of skilled and experienced engineers, helping to deliver bespoke enclosures to meet your unique specifications at highly competitive prices.
Waysafe safety enclosures are used in a variety of research and hospital applications across a range of industries including the food, asbestos, chemical, life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors. Waysafe also maintains a comprehensive stock of replacement filters, motors, and accessories for a range of models, which can be ordered from our online store and are ready for immediate dispatch.
The team at Waysafe is always available to discuss your specific requirements and is committed to providing the best in bench-top safety enclosures.
If you would like to find out more about our range of safety enclosures, contact a member of the team on 0161 339 6187.