Waysafe GP540 in action

Out of the box and onto the bench

Waysafe’s range of benchtop safety enclosures and cabinets are specifically designed for ease of installation. The ‘out of the box and onto the bench’ design offers our customers a range of advantages:

– Having a safety enclosure which is designed to be installed simply by lifting it out of the box and placing it onto the bench circumvents the challenge of having similar safety enclosures installed which may need to be physically built into your premises.

It also means that your enclosure can be installed and used as soon as it arrives on your premises (subject to clients’ onsite protocols), allowing you to begin any time sensitive experiments far quicker than with any other form of enclosure.

– A safety enclosure which can be installed straight from the box and onto the bench provides a high degree of flexibility, it allows the user to change the location of the benchtop enclosure multiple times, giving you greater adaptability than any other type of enclosure.

The cost savings of using a benchtop safety enclosure which can be easily installed ensures that smaller laboratories, schools, and research centres are able to implement safety measures for their experiments and testing procedures without a large financial outlay.

– Waysafe benchtop enclosures are user-friendly with servicing, filter replacements, repairs and general maintenance operations able to be easily carried out by laboratory personnel, without the need for having to wait (and budget) for external contractors.

Waysafe enclosures are specifically designed to handle a range of materials with the purpose of protecting the operator during the testing, handling, and weighing of the matter.

About Solotec Scientific
The Waysafe range of safety enclosures is manufactured by Solotec Scientific delivering high-quality laboratory safety equipment to customers both within the UK and internationally. Solotec Scientific has been designing and manufacturing bench top safety enclosures since 1991, offering a wide range of products from its facilities in Greater Manchester.
Waysafe products are made to order in the UK by a team of skilled and experienced engineers, helping to deliver bespoke enclosures to meet your unique specifications at highly competitive prices.
Waysafe safety enclosures are used in a variety of research and hospital applications across a range of industries including the food, asbestos, chemical, life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors. Waysafe also maintains a comprehensive stock of replacement filters, motors, and accessories for a range of models, which can be ordered from our online store and are ready for immediate dispatch.
The team at Waysafe is always available to discuss your specific requirements and is committed to providing the best in bench-top safety enclosures.
If you would like to find out more about our range of safety enclosures, contact a member of the team on 0161 339 6187.