SE600 Standard 7

Waysafe is pleased to present its brand new SE600 Electrical Safety Enclosure.

The cabinet began its life as a bespoke product, designed for a customer who required a new electrical safety enclosure which would be suitable for long-term soak testing of high voltage invertors for the automation industry. When creating this bespoke cabinet, the Waysafe team realised there was potential in the design to be highly flexible and adaptable for a range of our clients. After a few amends to the design, the SE600 was born!
The enclosure itself is 600mm wide and is a professional electrical testing safety enclosure which provides a safe environment for product to be tested, protecting the worker.
Our slim, high-strength anodized frame, with impact resistant clear glazing which protects the operator, contains the test environment, keeping it dust free and providing an all-round unobstructed view of the internal testing area.
Additionally, the SE600 enclosure is available with extra customisation, with the option to request a 1000mm enclosure, with a solid polypropylene base, as well as an array of locking options, from a standard lock to a latching interlock, which prevents the enclosure being opened when testing is underway, eliminating operator’s risk of contact with dangerous currents and high voltages within the testing area.
Further, in addition to the above customisation options, the SE600 can also be customised to have the enclosure manufactured using a plastic/timber composite frame, making it better suited for use as a high voltage test enclosure due to the lack of exposed metal parts or framework.

About Solotec Scientific
The Waysafe range of safety enclosures is manufactured by Solotec Scientific delivering high-quality laboratory safety equipment to customers both within the UK and internationally. Solotec Scientific has been designing and manufacturing bench top safety enclosures since 1991, offering a wide range of products from its facilities in Greater Manchester.
Waysafe products are made to order in the UK by a team of skilled and experienced engineers, helping to deliver bespoke enclosures to meet your unique specifications at highly competitive prices.
Waysafe safety enclosures are used in a variety of research and hospital applications across a range of industries including the food, asbestos, chemical, life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors. Waysafe also maintains a comprehensive stock of replacement filters, motors, and accessories for a range of models, which can be ordered from our online store and are ready for immediate dispatch.
The team at Waysafe is always available to discuss your specific requirements and is committed to providing the best in bench-top safety enclosures.
If you would like to find out more about our range of safety enclosures, contact a member of the team on 0161 339 6187.