SE600 Standard 7

Bespoke High Voltage Testing Enclosure

The Client

Solotec Scientific was recently approached by a multinational organisation providing components and services to the electrification and automation industries.

We had previously supplied this customer with several bespoke safety enclosures, however the existing designs needed to be modified for new/different equipment being used in the client’s testing laboratory.

The Challenge

The requirement was to change the customers’ existing cabinets as these were not suitable for the new test equipment, therefore a design revision was required. The new cabinets were to be used for the long-term soak testing of high voltage invertors for the automation industry.

The prototype invertors under test presented a very real risk of electric shock as uninsulated conductors were present. It was therefore essential that testing could be conducted safely within a bespoke enclosure. Given that the existing enclosures were unsuitable for the new equipment, a redesign was urgently required.

In addition, new and important add-ons to the original cabinet specifications needed to be incorporated into the revised design:

  • The cabinets had to be sufficiently durable to resist any kinetic damage from high-speed moving parts, should a failure occur under test.
  • The new specification also required that the cabinets must be electrically earthed (grounded) for safety.
  • As the tests could last several hours, they were required to be lockable preventing unauthorised access whilst the test was in progress.

The Solution

The Waysafe® team designed lockable enclosures with special 3D printed brackets to provide an up and over lifting action, which enabled easy access to the interior to set up the equipment for the testing process.

To enable safe monitoring of the test and components, high quality Lexan clear panels were used due to the excellent light transmission characteristics and high impact strength.

Lexan polycarbonate’s features include…
High level of impact resistance (250 times the impact resistance of glass)
Low rigidity and can be bought in flexible grades
Can handle temperatures up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit before deforming
It can be found in applications as diverse as computer cases and bullet resistant “glass”

With the revised cabinet design approved, a total of 5 units were manufactured and delivered to site in only 3 weeks.

Solotec has previously supplied into the electrical and electronic industries and we can offer many optional extras/upgrades, including SciCron AC-300 static dissipative acrylic and cross-bonding of framework and panels for better ESD protection ( Tribocharging ).

We can also offer larger cable entry points to allow for heavy duty testing equipment (Megger etc.). Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


The completed enclosure


About Solotec Scientific

The Waysafe range of safety enclosures is manufactured by Solotec Scientific delivering high-quality laboratory safety equipment to customers both within the UK and internationally. Solotec Scientific has been designing and manufacturing bench top safety enclosures since 1991, offering a wide range of products from its facilities in Greater Manchester.

Waysafe products are made to order in the UK by a team of skilled and experienced engineers, helping to deliver bespoke enclosures to meet your unique specifications at highly competitive prices.

Waysafe safety enclosures are used in a variety of research and hospital applications across a range of industries including the food, asbestos, chemical, life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors. Waysafe also maintains a comprehensive stock of replacement filters, motors, and accessories for a range of models, which can be ordered from our online store and are ready for immediate dispatch.

The team at Waysafe is always available to discuss your specific requirements and is committed to providing the best in bench-top safety enclosures.

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